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The power of Steam for your Business

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If you're looking for a steam cleaning machine, you've come to the right place! Here at Alpina, we provide innovative steam cleaning solutions for a wide variety of sectors, from the hospitality industry, automobile industry and health care sector, to schools and local councils.

More and more industries are now recognising the incredible results that steam cleaning brings, and Alpina Steam Cleaning Machines are committed to providing the perfect solution for each and every one of them, at an affordable price.

The Benefits of Steam Cleaning

Health benefits - Steam cleaning uses nothing but water, meaning there are no chemicals to breathe in or contaminate the environment. Steam also kills mold spores and dust mites which can worsen symptoms of asthma and affect breathing. More importantly, steam cleaning reduces the potential spread of germs and contagious diseases, such as e-coli and salmonella, which is hugely beneficial in places where many people reside in close proximity, such as hospitals, nursing homes, schools and offices.

Economic Benefits - In the past, places such as hotels, restaurants, schools and hospitals (to name just a few) have had to spend vast sums of money, week after week, month after month, on cleaning products. And yet, unlike steam cleaners, they often fail to achieve the required standard of cleanliness and hygiene. Water, however, is the least expensive cleaning solution available, so our steam cleaning machines pay for themselves many times over!

Environmental Benefits - Of course, maintaining clean and sanitary working conditions is a minimum requirement for any business, but it must not be at the expense of the environment. Unfortunately, many traditional cleaning methods consume huge volumes of water and utilise chemical detergents which can pollute and contaminate the environment. However, thanks to the latest technologies in steam sanitization, Alpina has provided an innovative solution to this problem, enabling us to produce the most cost-effective and ecologically-sound steam cleaning machines available on the market today.

If you'd like to find a health-friendly, eco-friendly and cost-effective cleaning solution to suit your needs, please take a look at our range of steam cleaning machines...

And for more information on the range of uses for our steam cleaning products, please take a look at our applications page.

From all us of here at Alpina Steam Cleaning Machines, thank you for your visit.

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